So these 2 guys stop my in my parking lot and tried to sell me some Olin Ross home theater equipment for cheap out of the back of their SUV. They had a whole story worked out, their boss gave them too many units... yada yada. They offered me a $2500 system for $500. I talked them down to $300, to which they said OK. I ran inside to get the money and googled Olin Ross to check it out. Scam Alert popped right up, turns out they are $99 units from China and they made up the $2500 part, they had brochures and even a website and have been pulling this scam all over the country. Common sense should have told me it was too good to be true, it was. I went back out and told the guy he was a scum bag and to get the hell out of here, and blew a potential sale for him to one of my neighbors. He got really mad, but took off very quickly. I should have called the police first and stalled but I was mad and wasn't thinking.