My husband has gotten the probation officer from hell and I should know because even I have been threatened by this woman and I am the supposed victim. He and I both want him to just fulfill the terms of his probation and get on with our lives but within ethical reason. My husband works between 12 and 16 hours a day Monday through Friday and makes $80,000 a year to support our five children and me plus goes to a university to better himself so he can get a better job where he doesn't have to work so hard and can spend more time with us, he is close to getting two degrees, one in mathematics and the other in computer science so this isn't some flunky criminal who sits on his butt. This probation officer let him know on their first meeting that she wasn't happy the judge gave him probation when she had requested jailtime and is going out of her way to prevent him from fulfilling his probation by lying about his attempts to contact either her or the counseling intake. She is now trying to cause him to lose his job by telling the intake woman to only give him the option of going to counceling every Tuesday for a year, despite them having Saturday appointments in a few weeks. Going on any weekday would require him taking that specific day off work, if he does that he will be fired from a job he has had for twenty years and everything we have ever worked for will be destroyed, when told this her response was that she didn't care, that was his responsibility and she wasn't going to give him permission to wait for Saturdays, that probation wasn't suppose to be easy and he either took the Tuesdays or go to jail. There is much more to this woman's unethical and threatening behavior this is only the surface. Can she do this legally? Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.