Someone I know got caught up in a drug sting last fall. He has been in a Texas jail for six months now. He's seen his public defender exactly ONCE
Nearly three months ago. His court date keeps getting pushed back and back. He has no criminal record, had a good job which he has lost, he
Was supposed to get married this month, of course, that's gone...
He filed for a speedy trial back in November and has had several trial dates which keep getting pushed back again and again. Latest trial date is now
Middle of May. His fiancée isn't being very supportive, I'm two states
Away so I can't help except to make phone calls. I've tried and tried
To call his lawyer, only get an answering machine and never any return
Call nor any visits to the jail. All in all, in Texas, you are screwed unless
You have money to buy a lawyer.
No one will answer ANY legal questions about a constitutional right to
A speedy trial, not the state bar association, nor the district attorney's
Office or the court. They all tell me, if I want legal advice, hire a lawyer.
He HAS a lawyer. He just doesn't have one that will do anything.
There is also no such thing as a county public defender's office.
Texas is truly a lawless place.