My husband and I partake in role play games and scenes which are simply scripts written by my husband which we act out in our home as a hobby which my husband takes much from.

He wrote a role play scene which included an argument, angry tone and some threatening words for me to say. We were practicing this scene one afternoon while my son was in his room watching a movie with headphones on and unable to hear us. Without my knowledge my husband recorded the scene in which I stated words from the script that he wrote. Also, my son came out of his room and heard some of the scene that we were acting out. My husband told me to wait in my room then left and went to the police to file charges of terrorist threat and cruelty to children against me. I explained to the police officers that we were acting but they were cruel to me and arrested me. My husband dropped the charges, filed for a family violence protective order, temporary custody of the kids and had me, a stay at home mother withno income, thrown out of my house and onto the streets.

We are still married but he has begun carrying on his adulterous affair in the presence f my children and has even spent the night at her home with the children and has had the adulteress spend the weekend sleeping in my bed in the presence of the children.

1.Can I file charges against my husband for intentionally lying to police and filing a false police report?
2.Since adultery is illegal in Georgia, can I file charges against my husband and his lover for child endangerment and moral corruption of minors by recklessly and negligently committing indecent and immoral acts in the presence of minors?
3.Can I file for a restraining order or protective order to keep the adulterous lover away from my children to prevent them from suffering further emotional and psychological abuse and possible life long trauma?

I live in GA

Thank you for your help?