Hi there is something really bothering me the last few weeks.im living in a fairly quiet area for the last 2 years with my fiancé and 3 kids.my fiancé grew up in this area and has lived there all her life.a couple of months ago she told me a story of a young boy who she knew and played with as kids was molested by a man who lived on the road.the man did time in prison for it and that poor family ended up having to move over the whole thing.this happened over 15 years ago,here's the thing the house were it happened has been put up for sale as the mother of the offender passed away,but who shows up and is staying there till the house is sold only the offender,he's been there the last few weeks now and I'm dreading to say I feel he's going to do it again as there are a lot of kids about and for some reason play near his house.its like a magnet when the kids are there he comes straight out of the house to talk to them.I think he knows I'm watching him as I give him dirty looks and think out loud and curse him.theres a lot of new familys on the street and wouldn't be aware of what he did.what should I do,say something to him and let him know I know ,say to the children's parents or call the police as I think he's a ticking time bomb,any advice would help as its playing on my mind a lot thanks in advance for your help.