My husband and I have standard visitation of my step daughter and have since July 7, 2006. We do pay child support every week just like were obligated too. We've also had problems out of the mother and her family, but kept fighting to see our daughter because she's ours. Last time it was our weekend we got her and it was the same stuff them causeing problems but we just let it go. Then 2 weeks later when it was our time to get her, a state investigator called saying my husband had charges filed against him for abusing our daughter. We know she done it because Thanksgiving was our holiday and they had been trying to get us not to get her because they wanted her. I'm just curious can she get in trouble for this when it comes back we didn't do it. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have 2 other kids they are going through this too, but we do. Her mother made wrote us a letter saying that our daughter made statements to the dr. that wed abused her she's 2. A two year old repeats everything they hear, or you tell them... What should we do?