For several years now I have thought that I am being stalked. My family thinks I'm crazy. Little things would happen like, during the workday, I would go to my car to find my coffee cup missing or emptied or my cigarette pack crushed into a ball or my lighter broken in half. I would also at times find a cup that I threw away before entering the building now sitting on the ground near my car. Once while sitting in my car in a parking lot in my neighborhood a man got out of his car yelling and accusing me of taking a picture of him. Then about a month or two later while grocery shopping a different man starting giving me dirty looks. A day or two later at a different grocery store, that same man was there and again stared me down. When I left the store he was waiting for me and when I asked him if I knew him he replied "you will soon", then got in his car and took off. Sometime after that I started experiencing loud noises outside my house. While outside smoking a cigarette I saw an object which appeared to be a rock fly by my head and hit the house making a very loud noise. I then started to smoke inside the house by hanging out the upstairs window and would still continue to hear what sounded like rocks being thrown at the house at all hours of the night. We have since moved and I heard a very loud noise while outside at night at my new residence which sounded again like a rock or object hitting the house. Just the other day while ouside (this time in daylight) a car drove up my road and stopped in front of my house. The driver then rolled down his window and stared at me. As I approached the car he sped away.
From what I've read about gang stalking, my events don't seem as extreme as others, nor do mine happen on a daily basis. I can go weeks or months without any occurrences.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my situation. Am I just imagining all this or is someone trying to drive me crazy?