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    Will my eviction show up on my rental history?

    Asked Feb 8, 2008, 01:48 PM ó 1 Answer
    I used to live in Florida (over a year ago) and I rented from this horrible woman who tried to evict me for noise. She lost the fist time, so she went through the eviction process again and she won the second time because I overslept through the hearing. I didnít owe her any money and the eviction was purely for noise (even the judge thought it was ridiculousóI forfeited my rights when I missed the hearing). All of this process happened in court.

    My question here is... now Iíve moved to Colorado and Iím wondering if this will show up on a credit check or in rental history? The landlord owned four units, so she was nothing like a management company. Should I be worried that my rental application will be denied for this reason? Also, itís a different state, are these checks statewide or national?

    In my application, I didn't mention anything about my year with this landlord (a.k.a. witch).

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    1 Answer
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    Feb 8, 2008, 02:00 PM
    I certainly wouldn't list that place as a previous address. The reporting of the evictions or bad renters from my understanding depends on what groups the landlord might belong to. From what I have heard, it is often like a "membership" group where the landlords can report to each other about bad renters. A number of mobile home park operators are forming similar groups. Even if the landlord does belong to one of those, chances are that the membership wouldn't be national.

    The credit report might have the former address listed if it was associated with credit card payments, but I don't think the eviction would be on there. Most rental companies only look at your credit score to make sure you pay your bills. Then if they get the security deposit etc, they will not be too concerned. The only time I've ever had a problem renting somewhere is when there was a housing shortage in one town where a new prison was built and many workers brought in from outside of the area... under those conditions, landlords get very picky!
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