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    Apr 8, 2014, 04:49 PM
    How can I get credit if I just got my social security number?
    Hi! I have a rather unusual situation that I need help with!

    I just got my Social Security Number 2 years ago. I am a US citizen from birth, but I was raised all my life in Mexico, and never had a need for my social security number until just recently.

    Next month I'll be moving to Trenton, NJ, where I hope to get a job and eventually enroll in college (I'm 25 years old).

    I realised there are a lot of jobs that will require a driver's license, but a driver's license requires proof of residence. I won't have bills in my name, because I will be staying with a friend; so I thought of getting a credit card. Another dead end. I can't get a credit card without establishing a credit history, guess how--with proof of wages. I can't get a bank account, either--I tried, but they said they couldn't confirm my identity or any other information from my Social Security number.

    I have my birth certificate, my passport, my SSN, and that's about it... but I'd like to get a bank account and/or credit card before I'm up there in May.

    Is it even possible?

    Thank you ahead of time!
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    Apr 8, 2014, 09:32 PM
    Try the prepaid debit cards, which start at $300. You deposit that amount with them and spend it using the card, and refill it. Supposedly you can build credit that way, but I've never known anyone personally who actually did.
    Have your friend draw up a rental agreement. Have him send it to you at his address. Bring that and the envelope to the DMV and try to get a license in person. Of course if you don't have a license in another state, you will have to take the exam and road test. You should be able to schedule that on the phone or online.
    Your friend can give you a credit card in your name, but on his account. He can cancel it anytime (if you turn out to be a deadbeat). Your charges will be mixed in with his.
    Then you can apply for your own card.

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