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    Jan 25, 2005, 11:36 AM
    Charging me for stuff I don`t owe
    I charged an item to a mail-order company on my credit card.However,I returned the item.Then I charged another item from another mail-order company on the card,and never received it.Unfortunately,there was a death in the family,so it was a while before I noticed theseitems were still showing up on my bill.I called the first company,& they said they informed the credit card co. that I`d returned the item.Then I called the other company,& they told me the credit card co. had never accepted the charge for the item!This established that it was the credit card co.`s fault,& not the companies I`d bought stuff from.So I called the credit card company,& they said they`d look into it.Shortly I got a nonsensical letter from them,saying I still had to pay for the items or I wouldn`t be able to"deal w/ those merchants anymore"or something.I was advised to tell them I was considering bankruptcy,so I did,& they wrote me that I was in default,even though Iwas still paying the bills.Items were $200.Company`s being sued,too.Advice?(I guess thisis confusing,I`ll try to explain better.)I`m mad!

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