My bank account was frozen I am trying to get restriction release, The debt collector said they would release it if I show them proof that the money in the acct. is my dads pension ck and ss check. They are requesting copies of checks and bank account statements, before they release the money.? Should I submit these papers. Will they give me back legal fees money they took from my account.The account is joint and my dad is the debtor he is retired and the only income he has is those checks.Due to that he is almost blind , I open the account in our names so that I can cash and do his transactions. He is willing to pay back if they would give him a break but they applied late fees and interests which totals almost $15.000 from an acct of $8.000.WHAT SHOULD WE DO, WE DON'T WANT TO FILE BANKRUPT. DUE TO A HOUSE IS INVOLVED AND HAS A MORTGAGE :confused: