My Father has His Birthday in April, same as Me. He is a huge aircraft model enthusiast, Pilot, and War Historian. I myself am an aircraft enthusiast. I am a huge nut when it comes to WWII aircraft, especially on the German/Axis side. I am in honor of my Dad's 52 Birthday and his 34 years of aircraft studies I would set up a huge gift for him. The gift is the body of a particular German aircraft so he could have a Life-Size Cockpit for the WWII Combat Simulator he owns, in the comfort of his own living room I wanted to reconstruct an Fw-190A-5, aka Focke-Wulf and 801-BMW. All I needed was a schematic of the inner cockpit and Avionics board, all controls, gears and switches in perfect design. I would construct all of this and surround id in a scaled body. The wings however would not be in the project do to the Span size of 34 feet long on each side. I also had !:! Detailed Vinyl Decals to place on the outer hull. The other part is the connection of internal electronics from the switches gears and nobs to the Simulator. Also the 360 degree projector on a sheet to have a realistic roundabout feel. This is not only an expensive project, but a sentimental one as well. After a weeks worth of searching, I had grown tired of trying to find a full detailed schematic of the inn workings and have given up do to restricted findings I needed supposed federal permission to access and dead ends to find a highly detailed set. Does anybody have a clue where I should Look?