All you crafty people, I need your help. I am making a Lego "pencil" holder. I quote pencil because I'm not using baby food jars nor do I think these will be used for pencils. This craft seems to have attracted a lot of attention so I figured referring to it this way someone may recognize it and best understand what I am trying to accomplish. I went to a craft store last night and purchased my own glass containers these are more rounded like a globe but for my money and for what I'm looking to do I thought that they worked the best. This project has turned more complicated as do all of my do-it-yourself projects. The advice I'm looking for is firstly I bought the acrylic paint and the spray paint and I was curious if there was one method that was better than the other. Secondly I am concerned about how I'm going to draw the faces on. Most of the instructions that I find tell you to use a permanent marker. My concern with this is that free drawing allows for little error. How might you suggest that I put the face on with out free hand drawing it on. I was thinking of printing off the faces that I wanted to do and kind of use it as a stencil but I don't know how well that will work with flimsy paper and on such a rounded surface. Also I'm worried about not being able to cut out the holes and shapes to maintain the right shape and then I'm just back to where I started with the free handed drawing lol. I know I overthink things and probably a little too anal but was hoping someone might have a good suggestion for me as I'm not crafty.