What can I do about the following, and do I need to do anything at all?

I have a corp. and am doing business as a DBA. The DBA doesn't have an "inc." at the end, as I don't think it can (my main corp. does, obviously).

When I went to establish a web-site domain, I couldn't get the one with my DBA name - it already exists. So, I established it with an "inc." at the end, and I got the domain registered.

The problem is, I googled the person who had the original domain(my DBA) name, and her business WAS actually an "inc." - she just never established it that way on her website.

(i.e. my scenario: abc - company name; abc, inc. - domain name. Her scenario: abc,inc. -company name; abc - domain name).

She apparently doesn't use this company name any longer (since 2004) - she has a completely new and different company name.

I am in the throes of "re-inventing" and "re-establishing" myself, and am working on all my stationary and web-site graphics. Can I continue using the "inc." after my name, or will this cause potential legal problems?

As I mentioned, I did get the domain name, so I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks -