Hi- I have already looked at previous posts on the Salomon case, but can’t really find anything to help me!

I have to answer this question:

The Salomon decision [Salomon v Salomon and Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 HL.] is a fundamental and enduring decision in company law, yet has been famously described as ‘calamitous’ by one academic commentator.

Discuss the case in relation to the development of limited liability and the importance of separate corporate personality.

I have explained the case of Salomon and the concept of separate corporate personality, including HOL judgments. I have then explained subsequent cases such as Lee v Lee’s Air Farming Ltd, Malyon v Plummer, Macuara v Northern assurance, Re A company.

But I cannot really find anything about it being ‘calamitous’, apart from Freund’s journal… So I don’t know what to write about that!

If anyone could help me about anything else they think I should include?

It is meant to be 1000 words, and I have already done 783.. so I am not on this to get someone to do this for me.. I just need some basic guidelines, and to see if I am going on the correct track or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!