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    Mar 9, 2019, 11:49 AM
    Intellectual property for phone app
    • I currently have a messaging phone app being developed for me by a developer. The app, through its software design has one unique feature different from others.
    • But I have some concerns about this project, which are:
    • (1) I want some form of intellectual property(IP) to this process, but don't know what to file for in terms of protecting this unique feature in my app. A copyright, trademark or patent as it applies to the unique process used in my software to send messages?
    • (2) through my research, I've understood that it takes a couple of thousands of dollars to file for copyrights, trademarks or patents and currently I can't afford this cost. My app is billed to be released at the app store next month, so is there any alternative form of temporary IP protection that I can obtain cheaply for now before I make enough money to file the real legal IP documents. I'm just worried of someone stealing my idea and obtaining the legal IP protection on it before me
    • Please, I need your advice.
    • Thanks8

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