I am single mother and I have two part time jobs (both at about 28 hours each give or take and both at $12 an hour), but both have full time benefits. I live in the state of Maine and the two jobs I have - They are both cell phone companies, so they are competitors and it's a conflict of interest. But it was the ONLY decent job I could find making that much money without a college degree. :(

My first job that I have been at for 4 years is horrible - I'm treated like crap, disrespected, pushed, taken for granted, and everyday I feel like I will be fired for something even though I don't believe I have done anything wrong and I think I'm pretty good. It's been like this since day one, such as a manager asking me to work right after I told her I just found out my dad just killed himself. I just feel like they will fire me but I'm trying SO hard to keep that job. My second job is great and I love it, but I can't live on that income alone. I also took intermittent medical leave for 3 weeks for hurting my back at the first job, but not the second job because I didn't really have to move.

I just don't know what options I have if I get fired. Is there somebody that has any knowledge on what rights I have for unemployment? Can I get unemployment if I only have one job? Will the medical leave affect me? I'm just really concerned. I'm trying to find another job to replace the first one I have, but with this economy it's really hard.

My husband left me for another woman last year and I have his 2 children with his previous girlfriend who died of drug use and I have twins children of my own with him, so I have 4 children I'm caring for along with a mortgage/taxes/house insurance, car payment, car insurance, and the health insurance for the whole family because he just had a minimum wage part time job with no benefits. He got custody of the children before we were married so they aren't legally mine, but do I have a right to claim them on my taxes? Additionally, I don't think I would qualify for food stamps and I hate to taken advantage of the state, but I want to be able to support my kids. Even though two aren't mine, the father doesn't care and I love them. I want to file for custody for them as well.

I'm sorry this is a lot, but if anyone could help, this would be great! Thanks!