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    Nov 26, 2013, 10:02 AM
    How to file law suit against wal mart
    I worked for wal mart for several years, I worked my way up to a support manager and always held a good reputation with wal mart. I was associate of the month used as prime examples as far as my work and would train associates without being asked so that wal mart would have someone worth working for them. My work always speaks for itself. I was promoted and transferred to a different wal mart an promoted to Support manager. While in the process for being promoted I found out I had a serious health condition called congenital heart block and I am only 27 yrs old and where if I do not get a pace maker I will either end up in a wheel chair or dead. I told my Co manager that was promoting me of my condition and told him I had health restrictions which wouldn't limit me to doing my job until I have the surgery which shouldn't be for a few years from what my cardiologist told me. Well it ended up only taking 6 months and my health issues became more severe due to the fact wal mart kept putting me in a hostile envorioment after a associate I had to address an issues with to a manger called me out to fight and continued to have issues with this particular associate. I told several managers including open door guidelines and it seemed as if no one would do anything about it. I eventually called the police and had the police take a statement after the 3 dispute with the associate and he said don't be surprised if you walk out in the parking lot one day and your car is missing. This is just one of the issues I have with wal mart including demoting me for my health condition and eventually firing me not even using their own basic attendance policy or rules and standards as far as demoting me because of my health issue. The manager that me and the other associate were speaking in front of when we were in the office down played the whole situation and even lied because she did nothing about it when it happened. This particular manager was fired shortly after me for several issues including getting several complaints from associates and how this manager ran things. The more people I got involved the more they would coach me for random things to make it seem like when they demoted me my health issues were not the reason. I would get those coaching dismissed because they were bogouse and then they would make something else up. When they fired me they had a manager I had never spoke or met fire me that had no idea of my past and health issues. He said they told him to fire me unhirable but because of what I was going through and he felt bad he would put down I was despite what they wanted him to. My life is ruined now and am branded to get my next job because wal mart couldn't deal with me dying.
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    Nov 26, 2013, 10:43 AM
    I really don't see a lawsuit in this sad story, sorry. Proving in court that an employer deliberately got rid of you because of a medical condition isn't just very difficult, it isn't even illegal. If they hire you with a disability, known when they hire you, you can sue under the Americans With Disabilities Act, ADA, but this is not such a case.
    It is unusual for someone in his 20s to get a pacemaker, and I am wondering why your doctors didn't follow up on the stresses of your job and tell you to apply for SSD? Are you on it now, or are you working at a less stressful job, or trying to find work, or what is your current situation?
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    Nov 26, 2013, 11:16 AM
    I'm not so sure I agree with Joy, but I do think a winnable lawsuit is a longshot. You need to talk to an attorney to see if its possible. And since WalMart has deep pockets you may have trouble finding an attorney who will take on the case.

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