Am doing business with a company that I have suddenly discovered is providing false information in their marketing and in their manuals and int the customers ervice and I am not alone in how much time and $ this company has cost me and my business. I never would have had the problems with the equipment that I have if the company ahd been honest about their product, had given me correct information to begin with, or had implemented a way to update product users post-purcahse to potential flwas and errors in manuals and maintenance. This has cost my comanpy actual $ and loss of potential business. And, as I said, I am not alone. I can gather others like me form an on-line forum. How is a lawsuit begun by one person if it is class-cation, and who pays the legal costs and how do I get the word out (beyind a little on-line forum) and what type of a lawyer is needed to handle it?