Hello - I have a large $100K+ judgment against a corporation. The corporation does about $4M in revenue a year, with about 10 employees and the rest as partners/contractors.

They are not being cooperative and we don't know their bank account info or if they've hidden funds. Otherwise it seems a logical step would be to levy those accounts.

The only sure thing we know of is their steady accounts receivables from customers. I know who their key customers are.

My question - is it possible to garnish/levy accounts receivables from the customer's end? The only garnish/levy methods I have read about are "till tap" and "keeper" - but this corporation doesn't have a cash register - customers mail in checks that are then deposited into the company's bank account.

If it is possible, how do you do it? I have done a lot of research and can't find the answer. I'm not sure my attorney knows the answer either.

Any help would be much appreciated.