I have severe depression which has affected my work abilities since I work in a very stressful and strict customer service environment. By this I mean that I get graded on things such as my tone of voice and how my customer's are treated. This has become a problem because when it started to get bad when I had to call off work for fear of not performing up to the standards required and losing my job (aka telling someone to **** off or crying while on duty) I am now on probation for attendance. So basically I'm trying to get FMLA for time off or intermittent leave so I don't lose my job, and in order to do so I have to go to the doctor which will result in missing work (because of my schedule) and if my doctor/unum does not approve the FMLA I will technically be at RFT. So my question is.. will I be fired if I have a Doctor's excuse?
Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure what to do but I am very desperate for a solution. Also if your wondering I have also tried to contact Unum to try and get more information but they are not open weekends so if anyone has any information please help me I'm desperate and cannot afford to lose my job. Thank you for reading