I have been at my job for nearly two years. I have suffered from stomach and bowel problems since 10/07. After missing a lot of work from this illness, ER visits, doctor visits, etc. I was finally diagnosed with intermittent bowel obstructions due to a large abdominal hernia. I went out on leave and had surgery in March. I had FMLA and returned to work in June.

I had to return to half/days, but worked consistently. I had gotten a promotion in a new department, and started my new job upon my return. I had several issues with my former supervior and finally felt safe to report these issues on behalf of myself and the other employees still under her. This was serious stuff, ethically and legaly, and I felt it had to be reported.

Since then, upper management has been trying to fire me. They found several things behind in my files (which was correct, due to my illness before my surgery). I am now under a "corrective action." They "upper management" have made this public with continuous emails and phone calls. I have to account for every minute of my day, they try and sabotage my "schedule."

On top of all of this, I started having complications. I have developed an infection, a blood clot, etc. I have missed work due to these new complications. If I am off work due to illness, they call me at home, on my cell phone, etc. They demand doctor's notes immediately (I was having them faxed, now they are demanding originals). They state that I have to give the notes to them by such and such date, but they make the demands impossible to do.

Today I was out again, and had an appt. with my OBGYN, Family Doctor, and Surgeon. THe supervisor called from work, at my appt. demanding the names of my doctors, when I saw them, etc. A co-worker called me and said that she saw "them" digging around the drawers in my office. I answer all their questions, I tell the truth, but they are constantly trying to "catch me in a lie."

They called me last week when I was home sick, just to tell me that "my FMLA had run out, and my job is not longer protected."

I was told that they can in fact fire me for "excessive absenteeism" regardless of medical excuse.

Is this right? Can they legally ask me all of these things about my doctors and my health? Where is my protection? Is it truly gone?

Thanks so miuch for reading! I need all the help I can get! Please respond!