Howdy all.
I want to put up a wood fence, mounted on top of an existing poured concrete wall that's about 2' tall. My question is about how to connect the wooden posts to the concrete securely.

I was thinking of drilling into the concrete, setting maybe 3/4" threaded bolts (using bolt-setting cement), then mounting the wood posts to the bolts by drilling up through the center, and a large hole perpendicular for the nut and washer. This is akin to how staircase bannisters are mounted. Do you guys think that'd be secure enough for a 5' tall fence?

Should I use some kind of special steel brackets as extra support? Is there a standard method for doing this?

One other alternative would be to set the main wood posts in the ground, in concrete as a normal fence is built, then simply connect the wood fence starting on top of the concrete. I didn't want to do this because then I lose the straight wall, (having wood posts sticking out) which just means more weeds and stuff along that wall. I also feel like it'd promote faster rot of the wood posts, in that cramped space where they're butted against the concrete wall. That'd be moist probably all year.

Thanks for any suggestions!

- james