My wife and I recently hired a local contractor to do some work on our house,an older ranch built in the 50's.A big part of this project was installation of a new roof,gutters,soffit and fascia.Shortly after this was done we had some rain,so this gave us a chance to check things out.We noticed we had water coming down between the gutter and fascia up and down both sides of the house.When we told the contractor about this he said it was because he hadn't caulked the gutters.Shortly thereafter he came by and applied caulk and said everything should be fixed.After the next rain we still had water coming through between the gutters and fascia in quite a few areas but the volume was not as much.He came by and repeated the procedure and again the volume of water went down but we still had areas dripping on both sides of the house.I wondered why we were having such a problem with leaks as everything was brand new.I got out the ladder went up to take a look at one of the gutters.I could see that there was caulk running on the inside edge of the gutter the entire length of the house.I thought that it was proper to caulk the hangers where the gutter attached to the house,but I didn't know about going down the length of the entire gutter.I stopped in at Lowe's and asked if this was a usual installation procedure and was told that it sounded like someone was trying to cover up a bad job.I got almost an identical answer at the local Home Depot.After researching the problem of water running behind the gutters online,it seems most of the time the trouble is with either how the shingles or drip edge are applied.My shingles do not overhang the drip edge at all so I think that is the cause of my problem.I could find no one that recommended using caulk to fix it,only several people that said not to.Most of the suggestions centered on installing some type of flashing or apron to channel the water properly into the gutter.The contractor and I seem headed for a big dispute over this because I told him the caulk fix was not acceptable to me and he seems to think that if he can get enough caulk onto the gutters to stop most of the leaks he has done his job.I now have two 52 foot seamless gutters complete with a 52 foot long seam of caulk running down each one.I am curious as to what anyone has to say about the quality of this installation and using caulk for a fix.and if anyone has had any experience or other suggestions for making repairs.