Hi All,
I have a small one car garage that is part of the basement.
I want to remove the garage door and put in a wall with a door so that I can use this area as a workshop and as the primary entrance into the house during the winter. The other entrances are either up the steep driveway to the front of the house or up the wooden deck stairs to the back of the house and both are hazardous in the winter so an entrance at driveway level would be great but opening a garage door is really letting out the heat. :)

Currently my garage floor is asphalt layered over concrete. The previous owner just poured the asphalt in when the outside driveway was re-paved to keep them at the same level.

I planned on removing the asphalt to expose the concrete under the garage door area and then building up with concrete or brick to get above the driveway level then build the wall on top of it.

Recommendations on brick or concrete across the bottom?
How high above the outside driveway should the wall be?
How should the footer of the wall be attached to the brick/concrete?

Anything else to watch out for?