I have a concrete area size 9'*8'= 72sqft, in the basement and would like to raise it by about 1" (7/8") and then install ceramic (this area will be a bathroom), so it will be at the same level as the rest of the floor which I will be raising by 7/8" when I install the drycore panels over the concrete.
I will install a floating laminated floor over the drycore panels.

I have looked at SLC (EZ-Flow ), about 6-7 bags of 50LBs each, add some pea gravel so to reach about 1" of thickness.

I also read that the other option would be to nail outside grade 1/2" plywood to the concrete floor and then glue another 1/2" plywood to get my 1".

I also read that if I put sleepers on the floor with 1"* 3" *8' strips and then lay a 6mm vapor barrier and then nail the 5/8" plywood over the sleepers/vapor barrier,it would also be a solution.

What would you guys recommend?