Hello, I started my construction cleanup business in Dec 2018. I spoke to project manager and we agreed on 24 cents a square foot. Ok, here is the problem I am having. Since I have been working in this new community, I have done rough cleans, touch up cleans, and final cleans. I have not received the 24 cents a sq ft. when asked about it after my first job, I was told it was not per job, like rough clean and so on. That the 24 cents was spaced out over the entire cleaning process. I don't know what to do. I think I am being taken advantage of. This business is only me, and no one else. I have to think about the costs it is going to have on me with taxes, supplies and so forth. For example: 4000 sq ft home final clean $275.00 he gives me for that! Please help me someone! I live in Texas