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    Oct 11, 2018, 05:06 AM
    How long are deposits on building work legally binding
    On the 14th March 2018 we put in an order in for an extension to add on to our exsisting extension. The company who we went with is fairly local as we thought we would like to give local businesses work where we could. We paid 15,000 deposit and we were given notice of planning permission on 15th June2018. Since then we have been given building and installation dates starting 5th October 2018. So far a patio door has been removed and the cavity blocked up. Today. A builder was supposed to have started on 8th October 2018 but that was delayed until 11th today, and I have received a telephone call to say people have rang in sick so no builder available. They will ring me back when they know more details. Do we have any come back as we have signed an agreement albeit 7 months ago.


    Carole Manning

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