I've been living for 3 months in my new 3-story townhome, and I've recently
Noticed loud cracking noises coming from various locations along my interior and exterior walls and ceilings. The noise only occurs once, although different locations can pop at around the same time.

These noises come intermittenly. Sometimes I won't hear anything for hours, and then within the span of a minute, I'll hear several cracking noises along various locations, and it seems to be worse in the mornings. The noises seem to be coming mostly from the top floor. Also, some of my floorboards on the third floor have come slightly loose and now the floor creaks.

I live in Indiana and I didn't notice any noise when I first moved in during November. The noise seemed to started with the extreme cold weather at the start of the year and has gotten worse as temperatures have increased.

Is this just normal new home settling noises or something else? And is there anything I can do to fix it?