I've gotten varying answers on this that mainly fall into 2 categories:

1) absolutely not. You should never pave over the septic system

2) you can, provided you have an access hatch installed so the septic can be pumped.

Our driveway is dirt and is not only hard to clear of snow in the winter, but has turned into a complete mudpit this spring. The trouble is that our septic tank sits under part of the driveway and the leach pit sits under my parking spot.

Picture a driveway shaped like a Y. The tank is under the left side of the branch of the Y, the leach pit and my spot are in the left arm, house/garage at the right arm. Moving the driveway isn't really an option as our shed sits on one side, the other side is a hill.

So, I pose the question to the construction and paving gurus. Can we pave our driveway with the septic tank being there? Also, would anybody know a rough cost for paving? The driveway is ~15 feet wide and 100 feet long if you total up the arms of the Y.