During a large storm, the power went out and when I turned the power back on, the PC would no longer recognize the network connection. I then plugged the network connection into my laptop and the connection works fine.

On the PC, other than the internet connection not working, everything else is okay. However, Windows popped up a dialog box stating that there had been a significant change in hardware and I would have to reverify Windows. So I called the 800 # and verified Windows.

The internect connection is built in to the motherboard. I am thinking I need to replace the motherboard.

I then explained my situation to a local PC tech company and they told me they do not carry my motherboard and recommended getting a new computer. I really don't want to replace my computer since it works well except for the internet connection.

I looked on eBay and NewEgg, but I can not yet locate another motherboard like the one I have. What is another motherboard I can easily locate that will work?

PC Specs:

OS: XP Pro SP 2
Motherboard: Abit KW7 KT880+VT8237
Processor: AMD 2600/333 Athlon XP
RAM: 1024 DDRAM TWINX 3200C2PT Corsair
Power Supply: 400 Watt Allied AL-B400ATX
DVD: Lite On DVD-Rom
DVD: DVD RW 16x NECND-3520