Dell Inspiron 1545 (XP) Model # PP41L
Sorry, I see a ref number but not a revision number...

Okay, so my laptop is a little over a year old. A couple months ago it started being really slow, especially at startup. I would have to open another program to force it to acknowledge I opened the internet. Then one day it only loaded a couple startup programs, and it would not let me click anything. I had to turn it off improperly. It became steadily worse until it wouldn't load any programs, just the desktop (it started up normally otherwise).

Dell (some man in India, anyway) asked me if I downloaded anything recently. There was nothing I could recall. He said it was a major corruption, and though we were under warranty, it didn't cover this. We tried going back (reverting to the last safe point) to no avail. In the end we asked someone at my dad's work what to do because we didn't want to pay. He told us to reinstall xp, which has worked, until last week.

Then last week it started doing the same thing, and I still don't know why. Today I finally reinstalled xp, but I am not sure if it's something I am doing that is causing this or if there is an underlying issue that will keep cropping up until it is resolved. Any input would be helpful. I'm not very computer savvy.