Those of you that know me know that computers and me, we don't get along. Having said that, MS Word, even Word Perfect from a long time ago, and I, we got along, and I could do anything imaginable with those programs. I am quick to learn these types of programs.

Sadly my husband downloaded Windows 10 and now I no longer have MS Word and can't afford to re-buy it.

I support a dog rescue in Brazil, adopted one of the dogs in their care, he's been with us since January 2016. Best decision we ever made. They're a husband and wife team and they rely strictly on donations to continue doing what they're doing. They currently have almost 80 dogs in their care, dogs they feed, medicate, vet, house, and rehabilitate. They don't get any local adoptions because Brazil is not known for it's love of family pets. Their only hope is to find international adopters, and they're not well known enough to be flooded with requests.

So I thought I'd make a pamphlet for them, have a charity event/garage sale/craft sale, and hand out the pamphlets and hope that a few people choose to donate, or even better, adopt from Dogs in Brazil (that's the name of the rescue).

Well, I have since realized that making a pamphlet without my beloved MS Word, not as easy as I had hoped.

I have many many pictures of former dogs rescued and rehabilitated, and current dogs looking for a forever home. It's not going to be a 2 page pamphlet. I need a program that allows me to post the pictures, write the stories of the dogs, and do whatever else I need to do. I also need this program to be free because I really can't afford to pay anything.

I've searched online for weeks, found and tried many programs, and none of them are what I'm looking for.

So I'm asking for help in finding a program.

Here's what I need it to do:

Let me download and resize pictures.
Let me post text.
Let me choose background.
Let me choose layout.
Let me choose the type of pamphlet (ex: tri-fold, half fold, full page)
Let me not pull out my hair trying to figure out how to do all of this.

Any suggestions?

I'm really stuck here, and I really need to do this. I promised, and I never go back on a promise.