I have just found a jar with some WWII era paper money. Here are their description:

Japanese Government "5&10 Pesos" bills. The 5 bills have serial numbers on them, but the 10s don't. The 5 bills have some kind of monument on them; the ten bills have a jungle scene on them. They both have Japanese and English script on them.
No date on either.

French 5 Francs bill; very small 4"x4"; dated Serie DE 1944. On the back is a French flag with the words "Liberte', Egalite', Fraternite'.

Italian Lire bills; 50 lire bill, no date, serial # I354 2192, reversed on the bottom; 10 lire bill, a man in uniform on one side, a roman soldier on the other side, serial# 0203 703918reversed on the bottom; Allied Military Currency 10 lire bill Series of 1943A,
Serial # A93620591A.

Canadian 1954 dollar bill.

All are in fair shape, the military currency is all most mint.

Are these worth anything?