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    Jul 28, 2008, 10:41 AM
    Value of Confederate $5, Silver Coins, $1 signed by Barr and 1953 $2
    I'd like to find out the value of a few items:

    $5.00 Confederate Bill. It is in very good condition (based on the charts offered from this site) but yellowed. The bill has three signatures on it.

    Two dollar bills: I have three different types. One is with a red seal and red serial number starting and ending with A dated 1953. They have the Monticello on the back. The second is a green seal and serial number starting with L and ending with A. The third is a green seal and serial number starting with G and ending with A. These have the Declaration of Independence on the back. Very good condition to slightly better.

    One dollar bills: I have a stack of $1.00 bills that were signed by Joseph W. Barr. I guess he was the Secretary of the Treasury for only a short time. I don't know if that matters or not.

    Finally, some silver coins. They are each 1 ounce troy Fine Silver with the words, Johnson Matthey, Assayers Refiners. There are no dates, no markings other than "999" and JM with two pick axes.

    I appreciate your time and answers.
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    Jul 28, 2008, 09:29 PM
    Michellepio124 - I am trying to get my confederate money book back from a friend I loned it to ,I haven't been able to catch him at home ,I plan on going by his place tomorrow again. I need more information on all the paper currency.
    I need to know the following, things so that I can Get the Right answer for you to your questions, Ok here goes.
    #1 - THE SERIES DATE AS FLLOWS- example - 1953, 1953a ,1953B,1953C Ect Ect.
    #2 - Both or at least one of the signatures.
    #3 - ON the coins the mint mark, and denomination
    #4- The denomination ,& What is at the top of the bill, Example - Silver certificate, federal reserve note,legal tender note, united states note, ECT ECT.
    $5 - Color of the seal, serial numbers,If there is a red or green star befior the serial numbers or after;; After I get these answers ,I can do something for you;;;

    Here is some informatioon I can give you now :: The $1.00 dollar bill you have that is signed by BARR, - Barr and Kathryn O'Hay Granahan, served for only 28 days, From 12/23/68 through 01/20/69:: THE bill you have should be a Federal Reserve Note ,With a Green Seal, The series date should be 1963B:: IN Vf-20 Value is $ 3.00
    In UNC-63 From $5.50 to $ 22.00 ( it depend on the number and the letter fllowing the series date ( Number could be 1902B,E,G,J,L,( What City Was the issuing Bank??
    I don't have a book that covers silver ingots, but I will try to get what you need from another soure-ce
    Have a good day and GOD BLESS :: F.B.E.

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