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    value of 1834 & 1902 dime

    Asked Nov 6, 2008, 04:35 PM 4 Answers
    Hi! I would like to know how much is the value of an 1834 dime & 1902 dime. The 1834 dime has a very tiny chip on its left side. But other than that both dimes are in fine condition.

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    4 Answers
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    Clough Posts: 26,679, Reputation: 1649
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    Nov 6, 2008, 05:04 PM
    Hi, mdpatchett!

    Thank you so much for providing the images! Just for ease of reference here, I've enhanced the images just a bit and inserted them directly into this post. Flying Blue Eagle is a person on this site who has the current documentation as to the possible monetary value of coins and currency. As such, I'm sure that he will be along eventually to address your question.


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    Nov 6, 2008, 10:41 PM

    Mdpatchett - The values on these coins is out of the 2008 RED BOOK ON US COINS, and to the best that I can make out, Clough did a very good job of reposting them,
    ON the 1834 dime , the values on it is as follows G-4 VG-8 F-12 VF-20
    $ 25,00 $ 35.00 $ 40.00 $ 80.00
    EF-40 AU-50 MS-60 MS-63
    $300.00 $ 425.00 $850.00 $ 1,600.00
    There was only 635,000 coins minted IT
    is a CAPPED BUST 1809 - 1837 IT IS Also
    A VARIETY 2 - MODIFIED DESIGN !828 --1837} A little history on this coin { It was designed by " john Reich { New Mint
    equiptment was used to make the small date 1828 dimes and subsequent issues , unlike earlier coinage These have a beaded borders and a uniform diameter ,large date has curl base knob on the " 2 " The small date has squae base knob " 2 " ;; Your dime also has the large " 4 " on the date now for the news on this coin. ( AS far as i can make out on the coin and what the requirements on the condition of the vcoin is { I make out that it would come under ( au-50
    Which is about uncirculated - Value at this grade is $ 425.00 or it just might go as MS-60 which is $ 850.00, It would depend on the chip out of it , Im guessing on this ,ana could apprase it at either grade.
    1834 __ 1902
    ON the 1902 dime , in order to give you really what the value could be ,I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE MINT MARK IS ON THE REVETRSE<( BACK SIDE ) YOU will find the mint mark on the very bottom in the center of the coin just below the wreath under the tied knot. It will either be { no mint mark or it will be a " S " OR A " O " MINT MARK
    "" HISTORY""
    This coin was designed by " CHARLES E. BARBER Chief engraver at the mint ,Who also designed the " twenty five and the Fifty cent coins " You will find his INITIAL " B " Is at the TRUNCATION OF THE NECK
    Give me the answers to my question s on the mint marks and I will be able to finish this fior you ;; Have a great day and GOD BLESS ::F.B.E.
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    mdpatchett Posts: 2, Reputation: 1
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    Nov 8, 2008, 07:07 AM
    Flying Blue Eagle, I have to say you are so amazing to be able to tell history, grade & all of these coins. Anyway, the mint mark on the 1902 dime is an "O". THanks.
    Flying Blue Eagle's Avatar
    Flying Blue Eagle Posts: 2,056, Reputation: 225
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    Nov 8, 2008, 10:48 PM

    Mdpatchett- Here is what I have on the 1902 " O ' DIME , The "o" stood for the NEW ORLEANS MINT
    G-4 VG-8 F-12 VF-20
    $ 3,50 $ 6.00 $ 15.00 $ 32.00
    VF-40 AU-50 MS-60 MS-63
    $ 65.00 $ 150.00 $ 400.00 $ 1,000.00
    This coin would go as G-4 -- Date and letters
    plain , liberty is obliterated
    VG-8 - Some letters in liberty visible ; Liberty is on the headband just as it is on the 1834 dime and there is a lot of wear on the
    FRONT and BACK sides on the high points , I really hate to say this ;; . But look at it this way , A coin collector would give you more on it then the value showes,more so if he needed it to help complete a series of this certain coin , If you do sell the coins when a collector wants to buy them , he will try to get them as cheap as he can but DO NOT LET THEM GO CHEAP :: I hope this answers your questions ,Have a great day tomorrow and GOD BLESS:: F.B.E.

    Have you ever wondered , When you hold a old coin , I wonder who has held this coin , and wher all it has been, Like the 1834 dime ,was it carried in some big wjheels pocket durning the civil war may be the president, :: coins and paper currency hold a lot of HISTORY IN THEM < JUST STOP TO THINK ABOUT WHAT IM SAYING AND I THINK YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SAYING AND THINKING ::: F.B.E.

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