After my grandfather passed away I found some very old paper money in the bottom of an old dresser drawer. Among these items I found a large bill supposedly from the Confederacy. The description : One side is in black and white with the words Twelve months afterdate in script at the top; in large letters, The Confederate States of America will pay to Bearer ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS with interest at Ten cents pr day Montgomery, May 28, 1861 and signed by Alex B.? Register and Eb. Elmore? Treasurer. There is a picture, of the register and treasurer I'm assuming in each of the bottom corners. In the top left hand corner a large M with 1000 on coins it appears and on the other a large 1000 with 1000 in coins around it. At the very bottom it says Receivable in payment of all dues except export duties. On the reverse is the same only in green and white. This note is in near perfect condition. I'm unsure how authentic if at all. Can someone help? Or at least point me in the right direction?