I've got one!!! Here's what I have:

-1957A $1 Silver Certificate Star Note

-Serial #: *12026052A

-Signed by: Elizabeth Russel(?) Smith & C. Douglas Douglas

-In the upper left is has a "B4" printed, and in the bottom right, "B625", and to the bottom right under ONE it has "373"

-It's condition based upon what is posted above would be at least Uncirculated, or it could be considered Choice Uncirculated. It does not have any folds, creases, holes or signs of circulation. It does have a what feels like a small "wave" which looks like it was caused from a rubber band being tightly wrapped around a stack of bills this may have been in. It also has what looks like maybe some ink smudge in the top margin of the bill, probably caused by ink from another bill. IT DOES have a nice, crisp feel to it, and looks great!

So the big question is... what's it worth!?

I'm hoping that the low serial number will help increase the value of the note. I went to a couple of coin shops & pawn shops, and they're all trying to tell me it's only worth no more than $4, which I know is WAY WAY WAY off! Can someone actually give me a real rough value for it... and where can I go to have it officially appraised so that I can have it's rating certified so I can sell it in the future?