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    Apr 24, 2008, 06:26 PM
    I've got one!!! Here's what I have:

    -1957A $1 Silver Certificate Star Note

    -Serial #: *12026052A

    -Signed by: Elizabeth Russel(?) Smith & C. Douglas Douglas

    -In the upper left is has a "B4" printed, and in the bottom right, "B625", and to the bottom right under ONE it has "373"

    -It's condition based upon what is posted above would be at least Uncirculated, or it could be considered Choice Uncirculated. It does not have any folds, creases, holes or signs of circulation. It does have a what feels like a small "wave" which looks like it was caused from a rubber band being tightly wrapped around a stack of bills this may have been in. It also has what looks like maybe some ink smudge in the top margin of the bill, probably caused by ink from another bill. IT DOES have a nice, crisp feel to it, and looks great!

    So the big question is... what's it worth!?

    I'm hoping that the low serial number will help increase the value of the note. I went to a couple of coin shops & pawn shops, and they're all trying to tell me it's only worth no more than $4, which I know is WAY WAY WAY off! Can someone actually give me a real rough value for it... and where can I go to have it officially appraised so that I can have it's rating certified so I can sell it in the future?
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    Apr 24, 2008, 10:23 PM
    Kindaradley - I looked in the reg . Book and I will have to go to another book and look it up . I will be back on herh tomorrow night and tell you something. The man that told you $4.oo is out of his head, He was trying to give you what a reg. one is worth, whicjh by my book for VF-20 is worth $3.00 and UNCIRCULATED -63 IS WORTH $15.00. What ever you do don't ever take any "PAPER MONEY OR COINS " to a Pawn shop or even a coin and papeer money shop ( UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM VERY<VERY WELL THEY are going to get it as cheap as they can. You asked about a place to have it graded & a value placed on it , Im going to give it to you in a second.

    Here is one place9 Ive never had any dealings with him though:::
    Sergio SANchez Jr. ( US Note Specialist Sergio Sanchez Currency Specializes in US Large and Small Size Paper Money
    PO box 44-2809 Miami Fl. 33144-2809
    PHONE - 1-305-567-1515 FAX- 1-305-567-1898

    This is FREE EXPERT Appraisals
    Members of thr following ( PCDA) (SPMC) (ANA MEMBER ALSO
    " NOTE" - THE one you have may be what is called a ( ERROR ) note. One of the things that a error note is ,is one wiyh INK SMEARS < on it ( ERROR NOTES ARE A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE THEN REG NOTES::: ALSO there are ( EARROR NOTES ) That have What IS called ( Gutters or creases ) that was caused at the mint :: The one you said looked like a rubber band had been around it , could be one of those , :: IM giving you some reasons of why you need to have it checked by a expert, If you send it by mail , I would INSURE. It for at least $200.00 . Talk to this man by internet or by phone first , When you find out something came back on here and let us know::! Good luck & GOD BLESS ::F.B.E. HELLO CLOUGH
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    Apr 25, 2008, 01:55 AM
    Hello, kindaradley!

    I did need to move your post and Flying Blue Eagle's answer to you to a separate thread in order to avoid confusion here. This place doesn't operate the same way that a chat site does and separate questions really need to be placed on separate threads as new questions so that they will get noticed more and are not interpreted to be answers to a question on a thread that has been asked already.

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    Apr 25, 2008, 12:42 PM
    Clough, thank you very much! I was unaware of that!

    Flying Blue Eagle, I also have some other bills that I would like to find out the value of. I have scanned them in, and I will post the link to the picture of the bills.

    I also have a couple of coins... and I'm stuck on them. I took the coins with me also when I got the bills appraised, and all the places, and I didn't agree with the rating & value they said that the coins were. I have a 1925-D $2-1/2 Indian/Eagle Gold Coin, and it's in great shape! It's barely been handled, and I was given a rating from one place of AU-58, and another place of MS-60. Per the book I have, a MS-60 Uncirculated has "No trace of wear, light blemishes". The MS-63 Choice Uncirculated rating says "Some distracting contact marks or blemishes in prime focal areas, impaired luster possible". I think that this coin is at LEAST a MS-63, possibly a MS-64. I don't know luster-wise how shiny gold coins were when they were first minted, but I don't think this is really bad. It's been covered & protected for decades, and if ANYTHING, it has a small scratch on the front, that goes from the "E" in liberty, to the top of the head dress, and I saw a small spot on the Indian's face, right next to the cheek, that's it. I've tried to scan in the coins, but the scanner isn't doing a very good job (unlike the bills). Any advice on this coin?
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    Apr 25, 2008, 01:16 PM
    Here are the scans of all the bills I have- though it'd be easier to just scan them instead of typing info on all of them! Make sure you click on the "all sizes" above the image, and you can see the really high quality scan.

    My Bills-- Click HERE!!
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    Jun 1, 2008, 10:06 PM
    Kindaradley - I have tried everything to get the scsans of the bills up ,but no suscess.What I will need off the face of the bills- #1- DATE & LETTER { if there's one } ( 1957, 1957A, 1957B ectect. #2- both signatures<:: #3-what kind of bill is it ( SILVER CERTIFICATE< UNITED STATES NOTE ,FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE< ECT ECT. IS it a red star note { IS the star at the start of the serial number or at the end. Get this to me and I will get your questions answered :::
    The 2 1/2 gold dollar you have is wort ( BOOK VALUE ) In the condition you said it is in ,here is the values.1925 " D" MS-63 _ $ 1050.00
    MS-64- $1650.00
    PF-63 - $ 8000.00

    $2 1/2 Dollar Gold piece,"History"
    Indian Head ( The Gold piece was Authorized by the act of April 2 ,1792 but did not come out until 1796. THE EAGLE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON THE COIN< THE FACE OF THE COIN IS WHAT HAS CHANGED A FEW TIMES . The indian head on the face ,first came out in 1808 and was used until 1929. ::: I hope this has helped a little , and I will get on the paper money as soon as I have the stuff I wrote above FOR
    Have a good day and GOD BLESS ::F.B.E.

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