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    Sep 5, 2008, 06:19 PM
    f-16 coin
    My dad(before he died) was given a coin with the f-16 fighting falcon on one side and the seal of the Republic of The Marshall islands on the reverse. Its says 5 dollars on the front and back and was made in 1995. I am looking for anyone who knows anything about this coin and/or its real worth.
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    Sep 23, 2008, 09:14 PM
    xxDanielxx- I have been searching for information on this coin,and I will get back to you as soon as I have something about it . I do believe that it is a coin given out by the American legion to members. I hsave one that has a B-47 jet bomber on it . GOD BLESS :F, B,E.
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    Sep 24, 2008, 09:16 PM
    xxDanielxx - Ok DANIEL: here is the informatio you wanted on the 1995 $ 5.00 Marshall Islands Coin. This coin comes in different denominations ( $ 5.00 ,$10.00 and $ 50.00 Dollar coins. In fact they use several different aircraft from several different countries. Also steam engines ( trains ) Sports. To name a few. I found a good picture of both sides of your coin, and it is as you describedin your post ( Good job) NOW For a little History On the MARSHALL ISLANDS .;;
    The Marshall islands , An Archipelago which is one of four (4) island groups That make up What is commonly knownm as ( MICRONESIA) ,Consists of 33 coral atolls comprised of over 1,150 islands or inlets . IT is located ( EAST of the CAROLINE islands AND WEST -NORTHWEST of the GILBERT islands ,Half way between HAWAII and AUSTRALIA.
    These islands were discovered by a BRITISH SEA CAPTAIN in 1788 and he explored them and they were named after him ( JOHN MARSHALL. The population of the island is over 25,000, Mostly american, Durning WW11
    this iland had some of the most fiercest fighting on it of the entire Pacific theater. It has been under the control of the USA since the war with JAPAN Ended, The USA DOLLAR is the current monetary system. :: The F-16 Fighting Falcon coin you have it's value according to the book in UNCIRCULATED COND> IS $ 5.50
    I found this coin in my coin book on WORLD COINS. Put out by " Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler, 1901 coins till present 32 Edition Has over 48,800 coins in it ; IF you go to your local Libery I believe that they will have the book and just carry the information I gave you on the book;; Look on page 1390 left side of page about 1/2 way down , take time and glance threw the pages on the MARSHALL ISLANDS COINS ::
    I hope I have helped you with your question, If you need any more asst, just post it and one of us will be glad to help you out, SORRY It took so long, ;; Have a nice day and GOD BLESS :: F.B.E.

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