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    Confederate note from 1867
    What is the value of an 1867 $100,000 Confederate note?

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Confederate promisory note [ 3 Answers ]

I have a $1 promissory note for $1, dated April 1,1964, number 5567, on the Bank of Commerce in Savannah Georgia. It says: "Will pay Bearer ONE DOLLAR in Confederate States Treasury Notes, when presented in sums of Five Dollars, and upwards."

Confederate note wyman dollar [ 0 Answers ]

I'm james wyman

Is my confederate note real, and what is the vaule? [ 1 Answers ]

I have a confederate note dated... 1st Jan 1864, and there are two small dots under the 'st'. It is a $100 dollar Montgomery note from Alabama, No. 834 with a picture of Indians on it. It is somewhat worn, so I would imagine the condition would be on the lower side.

The worth of an 1864 $10 confederate note? [ 0 Answers ]

I found (in an antique sewing machine handed down) a $10 confederate Richmond note dated 2/17/1864 series 2 'D' bearing the numbers 66931 (from what I can make out). After doing some research I can say the note is authentic. My questions is does anyone know how much it could be worth... not...

Value of a 10 Confederate Paper Note [ 4 Answers ]

I have a confederate note in the amount of ten dollars. It is missing a piece from in the middle. The general collor is unknown for the bill is aged considerably. The description of the front of the bill is: Ten in large letters on the right hand side, a picture of a man in the left hand corner...

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