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    Feb 17, 2010, 11:28 AM
    $2 bill with postage stamp
    I have a 1976 series $2 bill with a 13cent stamp on it and also appears to be stamped by a post office with the date APR 13, 1976. Is this of any significance?
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    Feb 18, 2010, 11:00 PM

    pepsi4di-the $2.00 dollar bill,series 1976,that has a stamp on it and a post office stampon it also is ofno significense to it at all ,because durning that year the postoffices had [first day issues [uncirculated bills,that they stamped as such and most of the time the name of the post office,other wise they have the same values as the other $2.00 bills of that series , note- if you want me to look up the value of the one you have,I would be delightedto do it ;;But I would need some more information on it
    NOTE- I would need to know what the complete series date and letter right after the DATE; the signatures on the front, the name of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK that is on the front also AND IF it has a STAR just before the serial number or right after:: I hate to give this kind of advice and break someone's heart If you want me to just post another post on this one;; IT won't make any difference since it is your post and it concerns the same subject,;;have a great day tpmprrow and GOD BLESS ::F.B.E.

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