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    1867 and 1886 Leopold II coins
    Truth be told I'm very new to collecting and mostly I just think its cool to have money from other countries, but I found two coins that are NOT in good shape. In fact the wording on the other side is almost completely gone but I was about to make out the date and a symbol. It is a lion with a crown above it and two swords crossed behind the "shield" the lion is on. It doesn't look like a shield but that's the best description I can give. On the left side of the "shield" is a "1" and on the right side is an "F" which makes me think Francs, which I have quite a few of as well, as in French but the name on the other side has me thinking Belgium. I was wondering where they were from and how much they might be worth. I have a 1867 coin that has Leopold II ROI on it with DES BELGES on the other side of his head and another one from 1887 that has Leopold II Koning on it and DER BELGEN on the other side which I just thought was kind of strange. Of course I don't know the languagee but I'm just curious. If anyone has an answer just give me a shout. Like I said, I am very new to this so bare with me. I also have a lot of other coins I'm curious about so if you have any idea or are curious as to what I have just add your email and I'll send some pics

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