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    Nov 27, 2014, 11:28 AM
    Flint striker

    Thank you for your great advice. I won a beautiful vintage Coghlan's IMCO of Austria Flint Striker Lighter from the 50s on eBay in mint condition. It even came with the original blister pack. Only one problem. When I inserted a new flint, nothing happened. It turns out something was jammed inside, probably a corroded flint. I searched for days to find a way to get it out. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. You have to understand, this lighter is made to very tight German tolerances and there is not even enough space between the guard and the flint wheel to insert the finest of dental picks. The only access is through the flint port with about 1/2" clearance at a 90 degree angle. Very awkward. I tried pushing on it with a bent paper clip but it would not budge. I finally found this post and I wrapped a piece of aluminum foil around the end and poured lighter fluid (naphtha) into the flint port and then wrapped the foil around it tightly and set the handle at an angle so it wouldn't drain. A few hours later, I unwrapped it and the fluid was still there. I then was able to poke the paper clip, firmly, in toward the wheel and the flint crumbled into a pasty mess which was easily cleaned out. Now the lighter works perfectly. The lighter fluid was the key. Thank you so much.

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