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    Mar 20, 2017, 03:55 PM
    How can I set Chrome to use local DNS from hosts file?
    I have searched "set chrome to use hosts file dns" and "chrome doesn't use hosts file" in Google, with results to no avail.

    The results returned useless pages like:
    internet explorer - Chrome Ignoring Host File - Stack Overflow
    ubuntu 12.04 - How to enable instant host file reading in Chrome? - Stack Overflow

    Apparently it does not work on Linux either: gets close to the answer, but does not quite work. ip - why is my hosts file entry being ignored by the browser? - Stack Overflow offers the same answer but acknowledges that
    does not work. I also tried the Hosts Switch Plus extension. It did not work for me.

    In fact the Chromium project themselves stated they "WontFix" this "feature":

    How can I most easily accomplish this?
    Roel Zylstra's Avatar
    Roel Zylstra Posts: 84, Reputation: 14
    Tech entrepreneur, perpetual student,lover of life

    Mar 20, 2017, 04:02 PM
    The correct answer appeared when I searched for "flush DNS cache Chrome". The second answer here did the trick for me: In Chrome visit chrome://net-internals/#sockets then click "Flush socket pools".

    Also, there is an extension named DNS Flusher that allows the hosts file to be reloaded with one click. Now all I'm waiting for is an extension that reloads the hosts file with no clicks.

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