A lot of people around me dislike me. To the point they don't want me to be alive. They are always mean to me and treat me with no respect. I love and have all my faith in God. The holy spirit lives in me and don't commit willful sins. While people spit vile attitude at me I stay humble and relaxed. I try to do my VERY best to ignore it and I let them attack me over and over. I am really very friendly, I love conversation, generous, self-controlled. But no matter how much I apologize for whatever I may have done wrong, and no matter how nice I am, they still keep going and things never get better. I am in fear for my life but there's no way for me to get any help. I am emotionally drained, but I stay strong with my love and faith for Jesus Christ. Is there any advice anyone could give me on the matter. This began to happen to me 2years ago and I haven't had a true friend or conversation since. Some talk from someone living a normal life could do wonders.