Recently Lord rebuked me for my sinful life. I am in the process of cleaning up. Hence battery of my faith is running low right now. I have asked Lord Jesus to recharge it. HE has hooked me up for a recharge free of cost:D.

In the meantime a question came to my mind that how do non-Christians, claim to get healed or prayers answered when they do not pray in the name of Jesus? I saw a video of Johanna Michaelsen on internet where she used to heal people with spirits before coming to Jesus. Others claim that they only pray to their god and get their prayers answered. I am not at all saying that Jesus does not answer prayers or there is another way to reach Lord God than Jesus. But I am not able to contemplate who is answering prayers of non-Christians and healing them whereas there is only Jesus who is living God.

Hope I am able to put my question across to you... :o