There are various Scriptures in the old testement that clearly states that the dead are asleep until the 2nd coming of Christ, And in the new testment it says something entirely different. In Ecclesiastes 9:5 & 9:6 it states clearly that the Dead are just asleep and that they have no more conscious and no more love or hate as their memory has been wiped out. It even states something similar in Job 14:12, also in psalm 146:4 .

Now the New Testement states something different, In Luke 16 Verses 19 to 31. It clearly states how the Dead were very much conscious, even about their own living relatives, it is given the impression that the Spirit goes to Hades when it departs. Even in 1 Peter 3 verses 19 to 20 it says how Jesus went to preached to the Spirits in Prison, which means there is a spirit prison that the Spirit goes to when it departs. And in 1 Peter 4 Verse 6 it clearly states that Jesus even preached the Gospel to the Dead, which means they cannot be sleeping if Jesus is preaching to them. That is why the Bible is very hard to understand and this site alone clearly backs up the old testement.

The Truth About Death
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