I really have had it with the disrespect, fighting, etc... It seems no matter how hard I try all we do is fight. He is 16 and this has been going on for a couple of years. I really think he hates me. It seems nothing I can do is right. No matter how nice I am he still snaps at me about everything. He used to say I harp on him too much so I tried to stop that, still he is rude. He won't come out of his room, in order to see him I have to go to him and when I do that he gets mad cause I am in his business. I seem to be the only one he acts this way to. He is nice to his dad, girlfriend, everyone except me. I just don't know anymore. I even would consider leaving myself just to make him happy if I had anywhere to go. Maybe just killing myself would work, then he would be rid of me and I wouldn't have to hurt anymore.