My daughter is married to a trust fund baby (David) who thinks we are beneath his class status. He is brain-washing her to follow his lead. Example: on February 28th, they are meeting at their beach house to celebrate David's father's and our grandson's birthdays. We are not invited - even though it is our grandson. David makes every effort to keep us away from his (wealthy upper-class) father, like our middle class status is something he is ashamed of. Like we would be trying to ease our way somehow into his lifestyle. My God... It is our daughter and our grandchild! This hurts us beyond belief. The grandfather lives in Southern CA and we are just a few miles away from the beach house. Yet we are not invited. It is interesting that, since David's mother died, his father has been very friendly, sends us Christmas cards every Christmas, and has expressed a desire to see us on occasion. I'm confused. David is adopted... Does this play a part in his attitude? I have been told by my pastor that adopted children have abandonment issues that affect their way of looking at life and their personalities (in some cases).