Ok my son has lived on his own since the age of 19 he has 2 children and even though we live miles apart he has always been loving and going beyond for me he does drink a lot but even with the drinking would always tell me how he wish he could raise his kids like I raised him that I was a very good mother and used to say (in his 20s) that he was a mamas boy and didn't care what other people said. All of a sudden after 30 years old he just turned on me at my sisters house for no reason at all I was just sitting there and he started screaming at me and ever since he has been posting things on Facebook on how rotten and uncaring I am I cannot believe that this is the same son that was always close to me. Please if someone could give me some insight I would certainly appreciate it. He even badmouths me to my grandchildren whom I haven't seen at all since this has happen. I just try to ignore and hope it will go away. Maybe someone might have an answer. Thanks for listening anyway!